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🚬 Smoking: Recollections from Hollywood's golden era 🚬

The golden age of Hollywood was a revolutionary period in American cinematic history. It was the Renaissance period of American filmmaking. Conventionalism was tossed out the window, experimental uncertainty was embraced.

The great names of that remarkable period are forever seared in our collective memory— Clark Gable, Sophia Loren, James Dean, Spencer Tracey. To the distinctively Sherlockian reader who grew up watching these magnetic personalities, a distinctive denominator among this collection of names leaps out— they all smoked flagrantly, at least on screen.

The Hollywood icons may have glamorized the habit, but studies have since proved that smoking adds no such dazzling embellishments to your health. Cigarettes have since earned the unsavory title of "coffin nails", and with good reason. Smoking has been linked to numerous types of cancer, coronary heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The habit has also been associated with a rapid cognitive decline in later years, as well as an increased risk for dementia.

So what can one do to kick the habit? Budget Pharmacy has compiled a number of ways for you to do this:

  • You can choose to go cold-turkey but this has to be coupled with a powerful will to quit smoking as relapses are fairly common.

  • Nicotine patches and lozenges are also an effective alternative method with a lower rate of relapse. Medication like bupropion and varenicline help to reduce craving and side effects.

  • Dispose of all ashtrays, cigarette butts and anything that reminds you of smoking. Never underestimate the potentially detrimental power of visual cues.

  • A support system will help keep you focused on your goal and, in case of a relapse, help you to forge on regardless.

Piece of advice? Next time you do see James Dean, revel in his acting prowess but do please stay away from that cigarette!

In all seriousness, if you need assistance or have questions, call us at (713) 694-3785 or come to our pharmacy at 19786 I-45, Spring, TX 77373.

See you soon!

-Budget Pharmacy team

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