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Things Your Local Pharmacist Can Do For You

Today, people are now more open to visiting pharmacists instead of general practitioners (GPs) than they used to. In fact, the majority of the general public prefer to see their pharmacist over their doctor for advice about a certain minor ailment or injury. That being said, there are still many people who are on the fence about going to their local pharmacies. It could be that they do not believe local pharmacies can offer the level of expertise that they would get at their doctor’s office, or perhaps they have had an unpleasant experience with a pharmacy before. For whatever reason, it is important that any misunderstandings regarding pharmacies are resolved. To help you understand the services and support provided by local pharmacies, here are some of the things that your pharmacist can do for you:

1. Help With Minor Ailments and Injury

Pharmacists can provide over-the-counter medication and give you some advice to help you with various common conditions and minor injuries. For example, your local pharmacy is the right person to go to when you have the flu or a cold. They can also help you with other problems such as skin rashes, pains, aches, and cystitis. Moreover, most pharmacists can recommend you on a proper morning-after pill and pregnancy tests. One of the best things about pharmacists is that you do not have to make an appointment before you can see them.

2. Give Advice on Medication

Your pharmacist can answer any question you may have regarding your prescription drug or medicine you have bought over the counter. A knowledgeable pharmacist can offer advice on how to use medicines properly and safely. If you are taking multiple medicines, you may also have a Medicines Use Review (MUR) with your pharmacist as well. This way, you will be able to figure out when you should be taking your medication and address any concerns or side effects. A MUR will be conducted in a private room in the pharmacy, where a written report will be given to you and your GP. This service is free of charge.

3. Supply Your Repeat Prescriptions

If you have repeat prescriptions where you take on a regular basis, then you should let your pharmacist manage them instead of making numerous visits to your GP. Your pharmacist can supply your prescriptions at regular intervals, thus saving you multiple trips to your doctor’s office. If you encounter any problems with your medicine, you can let your pharmacist know and they will confer with your GP.

4. Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

In addition to helping you handle your ailments, your pharmacist can also help promote your overall health. They can give you advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including how to eat healthier, lose weight, and the appropriate exercises for you. Moreover, if you are a cigarette smoker, your pharmacist can also help you break out of this poor habit. Your pharmacist may offer nicotine replacements, such as patches, gum, or other medicines to help you stop smoking. They may also request routine check-ins so that you can stay on track.

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