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Using CBD to Treat Plane Anxiety - Our Guide

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Some of us get anxious while flying, and we're not talking about a few nerves, but some people will go into full-blown panic attacks and might even throw up due to plane anxiety. While you can pop a Xanax, you mustn't forget the side effects that come with it, as they can be a bit harsh.

Flyers are looking at more holistic medications, as they might become more frequent flyers due to a job or travel. CBD is a great fix that is almost tailored for flying anxiety. If you are thinking about treating your flight anxiety with CBD, here's some tips and suggestions:

Use it before take-off

CBD-infused edibles might be the most convenient option for light anxiety. You also want to take into consideration your timing because edibles can take up to an hour or two, whereas tinctures may take about 15-30 minutes.

So try to time your consumption time for it to kick in before take-off so that your anxiety is reduced before your plane leaves the airport's grounds. Avoid any alcohol before you take your dosage of CBD. [1] There are no known effects of mixing the two, but you should be wary and careful, especially if you've never combined the two before. Everyone's body is different, so it's best not to take a chance on it.

Use CBD for flying pains

Flying is not only a mental discomfort, but you will feel it physically, too. Anti-inflammatory properties in CBD will assist in reducing muscle pain and tension [2] that could make your flight even more unpleasant. If you have time, apply CBD topicals, bath salts, and oils before you head out to the airport. A CBD oil bath soak might be a great way to relax before you head out the door to catch your flight.

CBD is also known as a tremendous holistic painkiller [3] that can sometimes be an alternative to your pain medication without all their nasty side effects. If you are one to feel a lot of pain after flying due to inflammation or positioning, CBD might also be a great medication to try out to prevent, relieve, and reduce flight pain. [4]

Know your tolerance

As with any drug or substance, you should know what you can and cannot take. Follow the directions on the instruction label or consult with a health professional. You want to make sure that the CBD works the way you want it to when you are in the sky.

Do a test run at home before you decide to try and take it for your flight anxiety. The last thing you want is to have something unexpected happen to your body mid-flight. Speak to a medical professional about any questions you might have.

Our pharmacy provides CBD solutions to help with plane anxiety - come to visit or get in touch today to see how we can help.

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