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K5 Neuropathy Relief + Skin Repair

Available At Budget Pharmacy

Soothe, Repair, Rejuvenate - All in One Touch

Are you struggling with neuropathy pain and damaged skin? Say goodbye to compromises and hello to comprehensive care with K5 Neuropathy Relief + Skin Repair!


What is K5 Neuropathy Relief + Skin Repair?

K5 Neuropathy Relief + Skin Repair is an innovative topical lotion specifically formulated to cater to the unique needs of individuals suffering from neuropathy pain and skin damage, a common concern among those with diabetes and peripheral vascular disease (PVD). 

Enriched with over 25 essential nutrients, K5 delivers vital skin nourishment topically, bypassing traditional vascular delivery routes, which is particularly beneficial for patients with compromised circulation. Manufactured under strict USFDA OTC Drug Monograph standards in an FDA-registered facility, K5 ensures safety and compliance. Its efficacy is backed by years of positive feedback from users in Southwest Ohio, who have reported significant improvements in skin health, especially in the lower legs and feet.


Key ingredient, Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), derived from natural food sources

Scientific Basis: The Power Behind K5

Key Ingredients and
Their Benefits

  • Zinc: Essential for skin healing, Zinc plays a crucial role in new cell production and the functioning of cell membranes, aiding in the repair of damaged skin and wounds.

  • Magnesium: Known for its skin repair properties, Magnesium helps in protein synthesis and cellular replication, vital for maintaining healthy skin.

  • Copper: Integral to wound healing, Copper assists in the production of collagen and elastin, promoting skin strength and elasticity.

  • Iron: Iron enhances skin tone by playing a role in the synthesis of collagen and is vital for maintaining the health and vibrancy of the skin.

  • Ceramides: These lipid molecules help in moisturizing and firming the skin, maintaining its barrier function and retaining moisture.

  • Citrulline: Citrulline supports capillary health and blood flow and is key to delivering nutrients and oxygen to the skin, aiding in overall skin health and vitality.



Study Results

Patient 1: 75 year old male

Diagnoses: Type 2 diabetes & peripheral vascular disease

History: Venous stasis ulcers/skin graft & edema with compression therapy

Pre-treatment Assessment

  1. 4+ pitting edema from the knees to the feet

  2. Severe discoloration below knees with hemoasiderin staining

  3. Pain/neuropathy below Knees = 8 (scale 0-10)

  4. Pedal pulses (on palpation) faint

  5. Serous weeping and draining

Post Treatment Assessment

  1. 1+ edema

  2. Mild discoloration

  3. Pain/neuropathy below knees = 0 Scale 0. (scale 0-10)

  4. Pedal pulses (on palpation) Strong

  5. Serous weeping resolved below knees



Patient 2: 81 year old female

Diagnoses: Peripheral vascular disease & thrombophlebitis of unspecified deep vessels

Pre-treatment Assessment

  1. Severe hyperkeratotic skin with plaques

  2. Pain/neuropathy in lower extremities = 5 (Scale 0-10)

  3. Pedal Pulses (on palpation) are faint


Post Treatment Assessment

  1. Hyperkeratotic skin with plaques resolved

  2. Pain/neuropathy = 1 (Scale 0-10)

  3. Pedal Pulses (on palpation) improved



Patient 3: 86 year old female

Diagnoses: Peripheral vascular disease & dementia


Pre-treatment Assessment

  1. Skin turgor (hydration) is poor

  2. Severe hyperkeratotic skin from knees to toe.

  3. Trace edema

  4. Pedal pulses (on palpation) faint


Post treatment Assessment

  1. Skin turgor normal

  2. Hyperkeratotic skin resolved

  3. Edema resolved

  4. Pedal pulses (on palpation) modern



Patient 4: 90 year old female

Diagnoses: Type 2 diabetes

History: Lower leg diabetic ulcers


Pre-treatment Assessment

  1. Diabetic ulcer on left great toe

  2. Eschar cap on left great toe

  3. Severe hyperkeratotic toenails

  4. Moderate dry skin with plaques

  5. Pain/neuropathy below knees = 6 (Scale 0-10)


Post Treatment Assessment

  1. Diabetic ulcer resolved

  2. Eschar cap resolved

  3. Moderate hyperkeratotic toenails

  4. Dry skin and plaques resolved

  5. Pain/ neuropathy below knees = 0 (Scale 0-10)



Who Can Benefit from K5?


K5 is ideal for:

Individual with Neuropathy.png

Individuals with neuropathy

People with Diabetes.png

People with diabetes facing skin issues

Those with Sensitive Skin.png

Those with sensitive skin, as K5 is free from common irritants

Individuals with Dry, Cracked, or Damaged Skin.png

Individuals with dry, cracked, or damaged skin

Persons Seeking Preventative Skin Care.png

Persons seeking preventative skin care

Now you can target and help prevent:

K5 and Neuropathy.jpg

How does K5 Neuropathy Relief + Skin Repair compare?

  • Dual-Action Formula: K5 is uniquely designed to address both neuropathy pain and skin repair simultaneously. This dual-action approach is relatively rare in the market, where most products focus on either skin care or pain relief separately.

  • Formulated for Sensitive and Diabetic Skin: K5 is specifically safe for sensitive and diabetic skin.

  • Nutrient-Rich Composition: The formula of K5 includes over 25 vitamins and minerals, each chosen for their specific benefits to skin health and neuropathy relief. This contrasts with many other products that may not have such a comprehensive range of beneficial ingredients.

  • Free from Harmful Ingredients: K5's formulation is free from ingredients that are often found in other creams and lotions but can be detrimental to individuals with neuropathy or sensitive skin, such as menthol, isopropyl alcohol, and capsaicin.

  • Evidence of Efficacy: The product's effectiveness in treating conditions like severely dry skin, hyperkeratotic skin, diabetic ulcers, and neuropathy pain, as well as improving skin hydration and reducing edema, is a significant point of comparison.

  • Directions from West Spring, Texas"
    For residents coming from Spring’s 77388 zip code such as Devonshire Woods, Spring Dell, Oaks of Devonshire, Mirror Lake, Cypresswood, the best way to get to Budget Pharmacy is by heading east on E Cypresswood Dr until you drive past the high school and Burger King. You will next see a few shops on your right with a parking lot. We are located right across the street from the high school parking lot, in the same strip mall as River Poker Club, Icy Donuts, and I-45 Diner.
  • Directions from North Spring, Texas"
    If you are coming from neighborhoods such as Northgate Crossing, Spring West Business Park, or Spring Dell, getting to Budget Pharmacy is as easy as traveling south down I-45. We are right off of Exit 68. Once you see the Spring High School on your left and Burger King on your right, there will be a big sign for Conn’s HomePlus and Sears. This is right across from the high school parking lot. Take that right and we are right in the strip mall with The River Poker Club, Icy Donuts, and I-45 Diner.
  • Directions from South, Spring Texas"
    If you are coming from the Houston area, are nearby in 77073 such as North Park Forest or Iverness Forest, we are conveniently located heading north on N Fwy Service Rd along I-45. Turn right after Starbucks and Sonic Drive-In on E Cypresswood Dr. You’ll see Spring High School on your left and BK on your right. We are right after the Burger King, across the street from the high school parking lot, in the strip mall on right with The River Poker Club, Icy Donuts, and I-45 Diner.
  • Directions from East Spring Texas
    For Spring Residents coming from East Spring, Texas such as Lynwood Estates, Timber Lane, Spring Lakes, Lexington Woods, Springridge, North Spring. Travel West on Cypresswood Dr. toward I-45 (we are before you get to the highway). You’ll drive past Haas Factory Outlet, McNab Elementary School, and we will be on your left near the I-45 Diner and Icy Donut. If you see Burger King you went too far on Cypresswood Dr.
  • Why does BIOLYTE have sugar?
    Sugar in BIOLYTE, particularly 10g of dextrose, enables the body to transport electrolytes from the intestine to the bloodstream. It also assists in alleviating nausea, cramps, and fatigue.
  • What makes Dextrose superior to other sugars?
    Dextrose, a sugar identical to blood sugar, gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream without needing digestion, making it an efficient energy source.
  • How can I view BIOLYTE’s Supplement Label?
    You can find BIOLYTE's supplement label on each product page.
  • Why does BIOLYTE contain 700 mg of sodium?
    BIOLYTE, modeled after standard IV Bags, contains sodium to balance the system, provide energy, and support body functions. Sodium assists in the distribution of water and electrolytes throughout the body, making it a key ingredient in BIOLYTE.
  • Why does BIOLYTE include Erythritol?
    Erythritol is a natural sweetener used in BIOLYTE to add sweetness without affecting blood sugar levels or causing tooth decay. It keeps the calorie count low while facilitating rapid absorption.
  • Am I absorbing the full 20g of Carbohydrates in BIOLYTE?
    Not entirely. Despite a total carbohydrate count of 20g, only about 10-11g gets absorbed as 95% of erythritol isn't absorbed by the body.
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  • How does BIOLYTE compare to other leading hydration products?
  • What does BIOLYTE taste like?
    BIOLYTE comes in five flavors: Citrus, Berry, Tropical, Melon, and Punch, each providing a unique and refreshing taste experience.
  • How does BIOLYTE hydrate better than water?
    BIOLYTE incorporates two types of salts that retain more water in the body, offering superior hydration compared to plain water.
  • When should I drink BIOLYTE and how soon will it work?
    You can drink BIOLYTE at any time. It takes around 30 minutes to feel its benefits after consumption.
  • Is BIOLYTE safe for pregnant women and children?
    BIOLYTE is safe for pregnant women and many children, but consultation with a doctor is advised before introducing it to your diet or your child's.
  • Is BIOLYTE safe for those with high blood pressure or kidney issues?
    Although BIOLYTE is safe for most people, if you have high blood pressure or kidney issues, consult your doctor before consumption.
  • How many BIOLYTE bottles can I drink in a day?
    It's safe to consume one to three BIOLYTE bottles a day. Consult your doctor if you feel you need more.
  • Can you overdose on BIOLYTE?
    Overdosing on BIOLYTE isn't possible, but it's unnecessary to consume more than three bottles a day.
  • How should K5 be applied for effective results?
    To use Neuropathy Relief + Skin Repair effectively, start by applying a generous amount of K5 to the affected area. Rub it in thoroughly, ensuring the entire area is covered. For best results, repeat this process twice a day.
  • Where can I purchase K5 Neuropathy Relief + Skin Repair?
    K5 is available for purchase at our physical store located at 19786 I-45, Spring, TX 77373. We invite you to visit us in person to explore our products and make your purchase.
  • Is K5 suitable for all skin types?
    Yes, K5 is formulated to be safe for all skin types, including sensitive and diabetic skin. It avoids ingredients that commonly irritate or harm sensitive skin, making it a gentle yet effective option for anyone.
  • Are there any side effects of using K5?
    K5 is formulated to minimize the risk of side effects, especially for sensitive and diabetic skin. However, as with any skincare product, individual reactions can vary. It's always advisable to do a patch test first and consult with a healthcare professional if you have concerns.
  • Can K5 be used on any part of the body?
    K5 is primarily designed for use on areas commonly affected by neuropathy and skin issues, particularly the lower extremities. However, its safe formulation makes it suitable for use on other parts of the body as well. Always follow the usage instructions for the best results.


Diabetic Female:

Right Foot & Toes

Diabetic Female.png

Diabetic Female:

Right Arm

Diabetic female arm.png

Diabetic Female:

Left Partially Amputated Foot

Diabetic Female Foot.png

Diabetic Male:

Left Lower Leg

Diabetic Male Leg.png

Experience the Difference with K5 Neuropathy Relief + Skin Repair


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