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How CBD Treats Wrinkles & Slows Down the Aging Process

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

People have been trying to find ways to combat aging for as long as humanity has existed. Many tales and stories tell of people who tried to fight the advancement of time and preserve their youth, oftentimes to no avail. Who would’ve thought that the solution to combat our aging process would be the cannabis plant? [1]

In this article, we’ll talk about how to use CBD as a treatment for wrinkles and why it works.

What Causes Aging?

You have to understand what causes wrinkles if you want to understand why CBD oil is an effective treatment for it. Although we haven’t quite figured out the nature of the aging process and what causes organisms to age, we understand the general basis of it. The main culprit behind the process of aging on the skin is the free radical particles.

These particles cause a chain effect in a process called “oxidation.” Oxidation is not a bad thing in and of itself, but when there are more free radical particles in our body than antioxidants, your body will be put in a state of oxidative stress. The stress is what causes the aging in the skin and organs, which is why free radicals are an issue.

How to Slow Down the Aging Process

You may have heard the term antioxidant before, maybe from a commercial for a skin care product or a supplement, but what you may not know is how it works. Antioxidants are the nutrients that balance out the harmful effects of free radicals, which means that it can slow down the aging process.

The nutrients can be found in many different food sources, from fruits, vegetable, and various tree nuts, to fish. If you have a balanced diet and an active and healthy lifestyle, the antioxidants from these foods should be enough to combat the free radical particles in your body. However, we know that our lives nowadays are more stressful than ever before so those things might not be enough. If you’re one of those people who deal with a lot of stress on a daily basis, you need to increase your antioxidant intake. That’s where CBD comes in.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the active ingredients in a cannabis plant. Another popular one is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Unlike THC, however, CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive property, which means that it won’t make you feel the high associated with cannabis plants. [2] CBD has been used to treat many conditions, from insomnia, depression, and anxiety, to general inflammation. [3]

How Does CBD Get Rid of Wrinkles?

Stress is one of the contributing factors in the increased production of free radicals, and this is why CBD is found to be an effective anti-aging agent. [3] CBD oil can reduce stress and anxiety, which can slow down the production of free radical particles, halting the process of oxidative stress. [4] What’s more is that CBD oil contains a high amount of high Vitamin C and E, both of which are crucial to the production of and synthesis of antioxidants. [5] The combination of these effects explains why CBD is such a potent anti-aging substance.

How can I use CBD oil?

Many topical creams and beauty products in the market include CBD in their active ingredients. Although this makes it quite easy to use and gain access to, it’s not the only way to use CBD, nor is it necessarily the most effective way to do so. CBD capsules and ingestive oils are also a very common way to consume CBD, and you can use it in conjunction with a topical cream to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Plus, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD as stress and anxiety reliever as well as a treatment for wrinkles. [6]

Parting Thoughts

Regardless of the type of treatment you opt for, you have to keep in mind that your comfort, convenience, and well-being should take priority over anything else. Like any other medications or treatments, you should discuss your decision with your general physician. They can state their concerns and give you some advice that you may need when taking CBD, which will make the treatment more effective overall. Don’t commit to a product because it has good reviews on the internet, as anecdotal evidence should never take precedence over empirical research. You need to do your own research from credible sources to understand how you should approach the treatment.

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