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Out of the 'blue zones': Lessons of longevity

Years ago, an interesting term started being talked about— Blue Zone. A Blue Zone referred to a geographical location populated by people of exceptional longevity and health.

Sardinia, Italy was one of the most notable of these areas: it had no fewer than 20 centenarians in the years between 1996 to 2016. Other Blue Zones included the Seventh Day Adventist community at Loma Linda, California; Nicoya, Costa Rica and Icaria, Greece. The secrets to longevity remain constant to date.

Here at Budget Pharmacy, we have come up with a number of lessons that can be adopted from individuals that had exceptionally long lives:

  • The first is nutrition. The Blue Zone inhabitants had a predominantly plant-based diet, and whatever meat they ate was fish and lean meat. Having a healthy diet is pivotal in prolonging one’s lifespan as it plays a role in enhancing the body’s immunity.

  • Routine physical activity is also a key tenet. It was found that among people in the Blue Zones, this did not necessarily entail going to the gym. Rather, it simply meant constantly moving while doing routine daily tasks.

  • These people also place strong emphasis on family and spirituality. This gives them a stable support system that helps them cope with the challenges of daily living. Spirituality is key in providing psychological support.

  • Finally, the Blue Zone inhabitants certainly exercise the moderation when it comes to the consumption of alcohol. This reflects on modern day health guidelines where excessive alcohol consumption has been linked to detrimental health and hence a short life span.

A life with purpose is a life with meaning. The long-lived people of the Blue Zones were found to always have a reason to get up. Do remember that the human will, intangible though it is, is a powerful force. Budget Pharmacy hopes that these lessons of longevity help you in your quest for healthy living. Whatever the case, remember that the fullness of your life is measured in the richness of its moments, so treasure every second.

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-Budget Pharmacy team

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